Coton de Tulear


If you’re looking for a pure breed puppy that is hypoallergenic and loves everyone, then you’ve come to the right place. The Coton de Tulear breed makes excellent pets for those who want a little dog with a great big personality. Feel free to take a look around and thank you for visiting Blue Ridge Pups.

Blue Ridge Pups has quality Coton de Tulear near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We health test our dogs for Breeding, cultivation, and show of exhibitions. We strive for beauty as well as health and temperament by pairing only our very best dogs. Thus we ensure success in soundness and health and showcase their natural beauty with exceptional Pedigrees.

You can trust that your pet is coming from quality health tested showring quality stock! Even though you may not be looking for a Show Dog, a Pedigree will make all the difference when it comes to your Puppy’s Temperament. All of our Puppies come with the proper AKC Limited / Pet Registration. Don’t buy from an average pet breeder that doesn’t health test, or you will get what you pay for.

Our Champion Pedigrees and Health Records are surpassing all of our expectations and making for Excellent Therapy and Comfort Companionship.

Top Quality Coton de Tulear at Blue Ridge Pups

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We have Showring Quality puppies!

We do everything there is to protect our puppy’s heritage as well as their quality of health. We can help when choosing the Perfect Puppy… so you can find a Perfect Match at Blue Ridge Pups.

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